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Horde Guild, Stormscale, US


Eightysixed Guild Sanctum of Domination Raid Requirements

Quick reference document for raiders seeking to attend Guild Raids in 9.1


Horde Guild, Stormscale, US

July 4, 2021 by Megalithe

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Fridays 9pm-12am (Server)Eastern/6pm-9pm Pacific

The planned roster is Eightysixed Raid Roster. NOTE: If you arent on it contact Megalithe

All raiders are expected to RSVP for events ahead of time so the roster can be planned and if applicable, feedback can be provided with time to correct issues.
We use Guilds of WoW to create events and automate invites based on our requirements. You can RSVP via one of the following methods:

  • ingame via /calendar command NOTE if you are missing the event you probably do not meet requirements, contact Guild admin for assistance.
  • GSite Events page
  • Discord #events-calendar channel. Note you will need a Guilds of WoW account that is linked to your Discord account. <this is the easiest method to RSVP for events on the go.

NOTE: RSVPs are sync'd via client the GM runs to sync event data in/out of game.

You can also export events to a calendar app of your preference by navigating to the event on the guild site and clicking the calendar button and selecting the applicable Calendar to export to.


  • Boss Mod: Either Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or Bigwigs
  • Weakauras - specific auras will be shared


Character requirements

Your character is expected to meet the following requirements:


Consumables are provided for all Guildies.
Runes are not provided, and members are encouraged to use their covenant followers to stock up

Donation needs are posted here

BoE Policy - the guild harvests BoE's to sell to fund the guild's consumable needs. If donations or funds are in excess we will adjust this policy as needed.


Study Up:


If you are streaming Guild activities please contact Megalithe so we can link your Twitch profile to guild events/notify members of streams.

Reference Materials: