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Horde Guild, Stormscale, US


03/12/2021 Raid Review

This is a review of the performance of all attending Guild members, with the intent to help determine areas to improve.


Horde Guild, Stormscale, US

March 13, 2021 by Megalithe

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I'm breaking out this effort out of the Discord chat channel for a few reasons, mainly it can be a lot to scroll through. If you like this format please let me know. 

This kind of deep-dive won't be done for all every week, but this is to help address our baseline. We will determine what we need to improve next week. Please group up, gear up, and tune yourself as we want to succeed next week with our limited raid time.

Guild Raid Log: 

Cliff notes analysis provided  by WoWanalyzer: 


Tanks: No notes, as you rank blues or (frequently) better in all areas. Just keep being sexy meat shields for the rest of squishies. You guys are top tier and appreciate your hard work to make the raid a success.

Healers: Parses are not a great metric for healers, but at a glance, we can see likely areas we need to review. 

It's a little more effort to dig into healer logs to see areas to improve.  I am not going to spend a long time on us, because Ineedhealing and I went through the logs last night in a discord chat.

Ineedhealing - Holy Paladin 

  • Meta Talent picks. We went through meta talent picks
  • Meta Trinkets - discussed auto activating on-use trinkets in vuhdo to help ensure they are used, not optimum, but better than not using at all.
  • Meta Legendary selected
  • Meta Conduits selected
  • Gear - Missing enchants resolved late in raid.
  • Needs a Weakaura for Beacon.
  • Should consider a general pally weakaura to help with visibility of cds/configure audio queues or visual escalations to yell at you if you ignore doing the right thing.
  • Switching to using Light of the dawn as the AoE healing is far superior. 
  • Dig into the logs via WarcraftLogs or WoWanaylzer for greater visibility.
    • Questions? ASK!


Megalithe (Me) - Restoration Shaman

  • Earthshield and Earthen wall usage needs to be better. 
  • My Tidalwaves usage isn't great on several fights, but there were circumstances that contributed to that so I'm not going to focus on it.
  • Always be Casting (ABCs) I had some downtime I could have filled with DPS or heals, as always something to work on.


Tynerae - Mistweaver Monk


Mele DPS

Greengiant - Enhancement Shaman

Went through logs with Green in detail last night.

  • Meta-ish talent picks, but strongly consider Nature's Guardian as it will help keep you alive while you learn the fights, you may swap this in and out with Feral Lunge or the Highly useful Wind rush totem to help the raid.
  • Trinkets NEED to improve, M+ or Normal or LFRs or AH anything to get a better trinket.
  • Legendary should be reviewed consider doom winds.
  • Meta-ish Conduits Selected.
  • Itemization - Missing chest Enchant
  • Comparison: Performed last night in the interest of time I'm not going to post here (ATM). 
    • Using Crash lighting and Chainlighting better in AOE settings was an area to improve.
  • Weakaura for windfury totem needed.
  • Addons were found to be missing resolved: Boss mod, weakauras, and included a timeline aura which might help with focus.
    • Consider a nameplate addon like KUI to help with the visibility of multi dots.
  • Comments: As awareness grows performance will go up, the absence of DBM/Weakauras/Injury probably contributed to some of the delayed/panicked movements.
  •  Resource: WoW Analyzer  - Not supported, but notes might be helpful consider reviewing


Yokie - Enhancement Shaman


Vanash - Havoc Demon Hunter


Richard - Windwalker Monk

Range DPS



Teapo - Fire Mage


Teryn - Elemental Shaman


Galanox - Elemental Shaman

Lonlonmilk - Balance Druid


Sargelock - Destruction Warlock

Havok - Destruction Warlock

Recruitment: We need a DEATHKNIGHT or TWO!