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Horde Guild, Stormscale, US


Eightysixed is recruiting DPS for Friday raids @1800 Pacific

Recruiting for Eightysixed of Stormscale (Horde) raids Fridays @ 1800 Pacific.


Horde Guild, Stormscale, US

February 27, 2021 by Megalithe

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Eightysixed of Stormscale (Horde) is an active mature PVE focused guild. We are a bunch of gamers who prioritize RL over WoW, but take a semi hardcore stance towards content. We may raid less than most with our one scheduled weekly event, but progress much in that time.


Raids are Fridays @ 1800 Pacific for 3 hours.


Often weekend events occur and can be found on calendar.


We are seeking to expand our dps roster to continue into mythic progression.


Openly recruiting DPS mains with appropriate gear and experience for Raids, high interest in obtaining:

  • locks
  • warriors
  • spriest
  • mages


Generally recruiting for M+ groups, with specific interest in DPS and Tanks to help for more mid week guild groups.


Friends and family are always welcome regardless of our recruitment specifications.